Qiong Zhou Huang

Hi, I'm an undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT!

Contact Me at huangq@mit.edu

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Research Intern at George Church Lab in HMS

Used Web Development skills and bioinformatics tools to work on a database with members of the George Church lab.

Undergraduate Research at MIT CSAIL (Spring 2021)

UROP at the Decentralized Information Group in CSAIL. Built frontend and infrastructure for decentralized banking.

Memorang Internship (Fall 2020)

Used React and Next.js on a variety of features for the frontend. Learned GraphQL and got much better at using React along the way.

StuyPulse Robotics (2017-2020)

Designed and built mechanisms using CAD and various manufacturing tools for FRC Robotics. Pictured here with Eric.


Packing Penguin

Website made with Next.js and MongoDB to help College Students pack for campus. Work In Progress. Made with Coby Sontag and Endar Li

Github Link


Website for Tracking the planes near you. Uses the OpenSky API with Next.js Server Side caching

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Fall 2021

  • 6.036: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • 6.004: Computation Structures
  • 18.06: Linear Algebra
  • 7.012: Biology
  • 9.01: Neuroscience
  • 14.41: Public Finance and Public Policy

Spring 2021

  • 6.08: Interconnected Embedded Devices
  • 6.006: Introduction to Algorithms
  • 6.042: Mathematics for Computer Science
  • 5.111: Chemistry
  • 14.01: Microeconomics

Fall 2020

  • 6.009: Fundamentals of Programming
  • 8.02: Physics E&M
  • 18.02 Multivariate Calculus
  • 21W.016: Designing Meaning

IAP 2021

  • 6s.191 Introduction to Deep Learning